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Body of Writing

A list of recent horticultural writings,
decending in chronological order.

Poinsettias Are Shade Annuals in the Spring

Planting The Garden Poinsettia

Written for Connecticut Gardener
Choosing a Poinsettia for Spring

Purchasing The Garden Poinsettia

Written for Connecticut Gardener
The supply chain is the choke point.

Breed to Succeed

Written for GrowerTalks
If you are the industry's next generation, learn the Wax Begonias first.

Begin with the Waxes

Written for GrowerTalks
Salvia revenues grew because they perform more roles + deer resistance + pollinators.

The Glorious Stages of Salvia

Written for GrowerTalks
America's sweetheart fell from favor until Calliope reignited it.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Zonals

Written for GrowerTalks
Perennials can do premium decor work.

Ideas on Decor Perennials

Written for Green Profits
The money isn't made at the national level. It's regional.

The Nuances of Lavenders

Written for GrowerTalks
E3 started as "the early one", but it's really a performance sleeper. Watch this one.

Decoding the E3 Petunia

Written for GrowerTalks
Echinaceas are significantly better than 10 years ago.

The Echinacea Renaissance

Written for GrowerTalks
Bred-to-purpose vegetables produce the best results.

Building a Patio Vegetable Program

Cover Story for Green Profits
Series names, like the new Delta Pro, work like sockets and wrenches

The Pansy Toolboxes

Written for GrowerTalks
Hummingbird Mint expands its sales through colors and sizes.

The Arthouse Expansion of Agastaches

Written for GrowerTalks
Recommended varieties of tomatoes, strawberries, peppers and greens for a Edible Basket program

Trialing Edible Baskets

Written for Green Profits
Sales of Impatiens haven't gone away—they have just shifted around

The Splitting of the Impatiens

Written for GrowerTalks
Princettias have the best spring displays of the Poinsettias—a very un-Christmas look to them

Spotlight on Princettias

Written for Green Profit
Surprise and delight your visitors with Poinsettias in your spring display gardens

Summer Poinsettias

Written for Green Profit
Autumn perennials extend the season visually which, in turn, extends the season financially

Autumn Perennial Color

Written for Creek Hill Nursery
A floral look at garden-worthy plants, the Cartwrights are high fashion for retailers, designers and parks

Cartwheel Strawberry Twist Gerberas

Written for Diefenbacher
A display in its prime says it all—anything besides the flowers just becomes a detail. They cultivate a dedicated fanbase.

The Rieger Begonias

Written for Diefenbacher